BPO Services

We are specialists in providing various offshore outsourcing services. We focus on providing our customers with the best-in-class services

Data Entry Services

As the company grows, its data grows with it. It gets hard to manage that but don’t worry now Desklo Business Solutions is here. Data entry is the most critical non-core operation of the business but requires lots of skills at the same time. We help you there

Typing Services

Our Typing services allow you to convert fragmented text to legible electronic documents. Also, sometimes companies need to type from other data formats to text.

Support Process

Your support system must be active 24/7 for your customers but it is again a non-core and very important task for companies. When it comes to Inbound sales processes a company needs trained hands to pick up the customer. 

Other Small Services

There are some other non-core services of a business. We tried to provide that as well