About Desklo

Desklo is started with the vision to level up the dream of entrepreneurship. Here we provide all the services and knowledge you need to start, grow and scale your business. In our starting stage, we’ve strategically filtered our services and bounded them in limits but we’re open to change. If you have any services in mind and want us to add that to our list we got it covered. At Desklo, welcomes your suggestions and we try to add demanded service as soon as possible 

Desklo Business Solutions

We're a Helpdesk made for businesses

We see ourselves as a helpdesk for your business. Currently, we’re providing services but are also in the process to create a knowledgebase for you to start your business and grow it once you started. Also if you’re facing any problem in your business you can ask for help in this little chatbox. 

Let's Paint Skyrocketing Strategies Together

Doing business is not just starting up with an amazing idea and getting funded. Many of the big giants we see today have millions of funding in numerous rounds of VCs. 

But are they all profitable?

No, if you want to create a business for generations you must focus on profitability. Funding is just a source to speed up the process. But you need to create processes and SOPs to run the business.

In the Current scenario we can’t help you in your supply chain enhancements but we can make it easy for you to save time by outsourcing unproductive tasks. 

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Marketing Made Easy

Do You Know?

Marketing & Sales are two different terms. Marketing drives sales along with an increase in brand value and goodwill. 

Sales are done to generate revenue but marketing is done to generate sales and create a perception of the company in minds of the audience. 

Maggie is a great example of “how you can use marketing to change the preception” of people.